illuminated-so many web-sites greet people with a plain “Welcome” page, just the word “welcome” and a blurb. But for me, the fact that some-one takes the time to search for information on me is rather special. There is a daunting amount of information on the Internet, and so very much more that you could have come to find. Yet, here you are, at my little “blog”… and I appreciate your “visit”.

To that end, I want to thank you first, for your interest and with equal appreciation, I do “Welcome” you.Judah A Kessler

•For current events, notices and up-dates on publications, please check the Blog page where I’ll post as often as I possibly can.
Books & Other Literary Bits will give descriptions of works that are currently available. *AND* under this page is another page where “Promotional Excerpts” are available. PREVIEWS of the actual books that you can read, right here.
Motes & Orts contains brief excerpts from each work for you to preview.
Contacts & Comments gives you, the reader and the visitor a place where you can post directly or send a message. Reviews, questions, comments and all messages are certainly most welcome and as you’ll see, I DO reply.
•And… the On-Line page is loaded with links to other places on the Internet where you can find me… including my social media hang-outs where we can chat, as it were, about all sorts of topics.

And again, in all heart-felt sincerity, thank you.

This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.
(Dorothy Parker)

Proud Indie Author, Thankful to:

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