Once upon a time, in a time dark and long ago, one would visit one’s local library, roam and search through drawers or racks of newspapers old, yellowed, fading, dust-covered, in search of possible information concerning some-one known, remembered and perhaps not heard from in quite a considerable while.

Browsing editions, page after page, trying one’s best to be completely exhaustive, one may have found a mention some-where in the contents printed in an “Evening News” or “Herald Tribune” or a “Post”. One may have done… or not.

Today, we are blessed with the good fortune of having access to this technology commonly referred to as the “Internet” where-by and where-with, one may “log on” and perhaps “log-in” and with a “click” here and there, connect to a service called a “search engine”. Having so-done, all one need do further is type, in an appropriate space, a name, location if applicable and with yet, another “click” THERE! An often OVER-abundance of information (now referred to as “data”) related to that name, that person of interest, from near and far and even beyond (OK. “Beyond” is still a bit questionable, but then, so too is much of the available information. Just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t necessarily make it true.)appears on the lighted screen before us! Click here, click there, scroll scroll, click click and ALL sorts of information is presented… and we needn’t dress nor leave the very place in which we’re established.

WARNING!!! Given and to be taken as wise and sagely advice:
When, in the course of your existence, you reach a certain point where-by your presence on this earth is measured in time expressed in double-digits representative of any considerable duration… DO NOT LOOK-UP “OLD” FRIENDS OR ACQUAINTANCES WITH WHOM YOU HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED IN OR FROM WHOM YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED WORD OR NEWS IN ANY GREAT WHILE!

Obituaries are published on the Internet and there is a VAST difference between wondering IF some-one has died and reading that indeed, they have done. And “Time” sees to it that eventually, you will be reading more and more obituaries of more and more people you have known.

Doing so takes a toll.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to grow old and become more introverted, removed from general society, pre-occupied with an undisclosed thought and generally either impatient or simply disinterested in most of what transpires around them? Ever wondered what could possibly cause this affect?

Wonder no more, no longer, no farther. The secret?


If you’re not in one yet, reading them will have you in a mention sooner than later.