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madelainedubois-frontfinaltMadelaine duBois
A COMPLETE Short Story
Dear Madelaine, a “country gal of a certain age” is a sweet widow born and raised (“growed” as it is) on a farm of considerable size, on the out-skirts of a small town up in The North Country. She’s rather the stereotypical North Country woman, steadfast in her ways, most of which are the product of an old-world up-bringing. For the most part, dear Madelaine is rather self-sufficent, but she’s also a touch “eccentric” as might be expected. She has her ways of handling situations and, for the most part, they work well for her, until… well… there’s the little matter of fire-wood. An other-wise possibly banal chore turns into a rather almost poignant bit of comedy, as the cold Winter winds blow in, hauling with it, the snows of Winter.
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jounraldaysadvert2016-tksgvgJournal Days, the Thanksgiving preview: Click here.
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Journal Days, the Christmas preview.

previewNew Preview: October 2016
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