Generally speaking, from a religious perspective, Jews can be classified in 4 major categories: Orthodox (including the Ultra-Orthodox), Conservative, Reconstructionist (which is relatively new) or Reform. Of course, with-in each of these there are VAST variations, no distinct lines and most likely as many “grey areas” as there are people. And one might tend to think, especially non-Jews, that no matter what the sect, Jews are Jews are Jews. Right?

Well, you might be a bit surprised or even drastically shocked to learn that NOTHING could be farther from the fact. IN FACT, aside from the petty disagreements amongst the factions, there exist, even as you read this post, a rather small, insignificant in number but intensely powerful consortium of a particular sect that wields such authority that it can, and sometimes does, destroy those Jews who refuse to succumb to the wonts of its membership. No, there’s no decapitation, burning anybody alive, or stoning to death (as far as we know), but with a simple stroke of a pen, click of an e-mail “send” or the utterance of the fewest of words, a “Jewish Court” can, has and will ultimately tear a soul into innumerable and irreparable shreds, sever relations and relationships and obliterate entire family histories. The have done, are so-doing now and will, unfortunately as far as can be seen, continue to do so… under the guise of “Jewish Law”.

Death Of A Zionist is account of confrontation, the horrific, dark and dismal depression it caused and the recovery that followed. Recommended for those who believe “Zionism” is evil (which it actually is not and never has been), for those who find Judaism “mysterious”, and for those who need a hefty dose of REALITY about their own people.

Just published (28 November 2017) and available at with more information available here at Promos & Previews.