A short story about a little, timeless village, built on an island in the middle of a gentle river that meanders through a vast, bucolic meadow that time forgot and the world never knew.

Massive stone buildings, cobble-stone streets, saphire-blue skies and a dream… only a dream… the dream, just in time for the Winter holidays, a quick and easy read to remind all of good times, good people, and those places we remember with the utmost love all our lives, no matter where they are, where they were and reamin, stead-fast, forever in our hearts.

Lembrook© was a dream, is a dream and as long as time remembers to forget it, will remain a dream long, long into Eternity.

Get the PDF e-book at the link. Grab a warm, cozy blanket, a mug of good tea, head for your favourite chair, turn off the world and enjoy a beautiful visit to a place so very far away and yet, as close as your own heart.

Lembrook© was a dream. It was my dream. I hope you’ll adopt it as your dream too.

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