Judah A Kessler (1955) was born in Cornwall, New York, lived most of his life in The Bronx, in New York City and, for a while, in Montréal, Québec. He studied in several New York universities, majoring in Psychology; worked on Wall Street for many years and ran his own small business in the early years of web and internet technologies. Kessler was also an archival water-colourist for several years.

His first book, “Bitter-Sweet Bitterness” was born of his personal experience of becoming what was a little-known facet of Homelessness: “Working Homeless”, those who are employed and yet, in contemporary times, find themselves in a situation where salaries are so deficient that people cannot afford basic, independent shelter. The book is raw, yet provides insight into the beginnings of Homelessness and serves as a guide to those who interact with the Homeless from the perspective of those who seek their help.

His second book on the subject, entitled “Journal Days” is an autobiographical-novel, based on the notes kept through 16 months of being in a New York City Homeless shelter, as well as time spent under the stars, sleeping under trees as people around knew, referred to themselves as “friends” and yet… and yet. Beginning from the moment of “Homelessness” through to the morning of boarding a plane for a new town, new surroundings and a new life, the story reads less harsh and is presented to be read by adults young and old… and to prompt and promote discussion.