It was posted recently to their Facebook page, and although I am not a “fan” of Facebook, I tend to browse my page there occasionally. Today, some-how, it seems I was supposed to go there because The Coalition has posted a few videos on their page, one of which, reached into my soul.

The Coalition is a magnificent group of people! Unless you experience them and their work directly, there truly is no way to fully describe or sufficiently explain how incredibly valuable they are. The history of the organisation is nothing short of amazing and their contemporary works and efforts are, well, astonishing!

Thankfully, I have the capability of offering one of their videos here, on my own blog, but I want, so very much, to encourage you all to view the video AND visit their web-site! Read what they’ve posted about themselves and rest assured, they’re being humble. I can tell you… from personal experience* that what-ever they say about themselves is nothing when compared to the work they actually perform!

The best I can say here is:
When you see those “Christmas” images, the ones of the deep indigo mid-night sky, and there, in all that darkness, the brilliant star shining in the Heavens… well… that star is “The Coalition”.

*I’ve written of only one or two of my own experiences:
“Journal Days”

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO and may I wish you all warm and happy holidays.