drapeauroshhashannahsm Tonight, at sun-down, Sunday, 2 October 2016, and until sun-down on Tuesday, 4 October, Jews in North America, observe (and, hopefully, celebrate) the beginning of a new year on the Hebrew calendar. Here, in New England, Jews tend to be rather novel, scarce. But through the thousands of years in a diaspora, we’ve learnt to observe, and celebrate, with and with-out others. It’s another of those times when we simply toss our hearts and faith to the “Great Ether” and have faith that some-how, our spirits will be united with all the others that and who are celebrating, all round the planet.

It’s a time of happiness, hope and joy and since those times are rather rare of late, I want to take this opportunity to say that I hope every-one will take advantage of this holiday and in your own way, celebrate the chance to re-commence, to start fresh and new, with great inspiration and energy, with new hope. And may this “new year” be one that’s FULL of much joy, great health, and most important of all… *Contentment*.

Happy New Year to you all. And as always: Thank you.