I’ve been shying away from “Posts” here, preferring what I’ve thought of as the “more personal” venue of the “Blog” page. But tonight, I’m breaking-down and going for something new again… “Post”. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy these as much, if not more than the up-dates to the “Blog” page. I’ll continue to post there, in more detail, as events and such come along. But for brief “news”, I’ll “post” notes and memos here. If you’re not “following” or not on “the list” to be notified of up-dates, please do “follow” to keep in touch. And as always, please feel free to keep in touch on the “Contact” page. I appreciate all communications and correspondences and if you include a reply address (e-mail, of course), I’m honestly thrilled to reply. Let me know too, how you feel about “Posts”. If the response is positive, I’ll keep using this venue. Thanks to you all for your continues support.